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I am a WordPress instructor, and I often have the opportunity to teach the same content, such as how to get started with WordPress and how to use WordPress. I came to know about the Learning Management System (LMS) because I thought it would be nice if my customers could learn through e-learning.

I also learned that you can get started for free by using a WordPress plugin, and this time I'll explain how to install a plugin called Lifter LMS. This is a recommended plugin for those who want to provide a higher level of education by taking lessons and courses online.

Today we will be introducing how to register as a student!

This time, I will introduce how to create an LMS using Amelia, a plugin that allows you to build a reservation management system using WordPress.

Managing students

With the LifterLMS plugin, you can manage students in the Reports section.

You can view the information at [LifterLSM] > [Reporting].

Student information management

In the [Students] tab, you can see a list of students. Here you can check

  • List of students
  • Registration date
  • Last day to attend
  • Progress
  • Grade
  • Enrollments - the number of courses you are enrolled in
  • Complitions – number of courses completed
  • Certificates – Number of certificates issued
  • Achievements – number of achievements issued
  • Memberships - Number of membership types you have registered

Click on the name of the student you want to view to view more detailed information.

Managing published courses

You can manage reports about the courses you create.

  • Course List
  • Course Instructor
  • Registered students
  • Average Progress
  • Average Grade

Click on the title of each course to view more details, including a list of registered students.

Quiz Management

You can check the list of quizzes you have registered.

Click on the quiz title to see more details, including a list of students who passed.

Sales status management

In Sales, you can check the sales status.

Managing subscribers

In Enrollments, you can see the progress of enrollments.

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