[Introducing the differences in licenses] WordPress plugin "Brizy" that allows freelance web designers to earn money from home even if they have no experience

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I'm Misa, the representative of HanamiWEB.

More and more people are looking to earn money from home. I have the impression that there are a lot of people around me who are aiming to become freelance web designers.

Even if you learn web design, if you can't build it, you'll have to pay outsourcing fees.
If you outsource, the process may be slow, or the finished product may be different from the design you had in mind.

Good news for those who want to earn money as a side job or freelance web designer!
Introducing "Brizy", a WordPress plugin that allows you to build websites without coding!

The display speed is the best! This is a page builder plugin that allows you to create WordPress sites with high unit prices even with no coding and no design.

Brizy is also recommended for those who have tried to create a WordPress site using the page builder plugin Elementor or the WordPress theme Divi but had difficulty getting the hang of it!

2021/09/30 A major revision of the fee structure will be made.

Brizy introduction video

We created a video introducing Brizy, a page builder plugin that focuses on speed! Please take a look.

The display is crispy! The display speed of Brizy is great!

I have used a variety of WordPress page builder themes and plugins.

for example,Divi,Elementer,Premium PressAll of these allow you to create a WordPress site without coding, but I was concerned about the slow display speed.

I was hoping for a faster display speed, so when I saw the Brizy demo I was amazed!


So, let me introduce you to Brizy, who I fell in love with at first sight!

Highly recommended if you want to build and create a website with no design or code!
Using a page builder makes it easy to create a website!

What is Brizy, a page builder plugin optimized for speed?

This is a page builder plugin made overseas.

  • You can also add Brizy to your existing theme as a plugin.
  • Arrange Brizy parts by section
  • Templates for the entire page are provided, so you can create a page from a template.

For example, you can use the Lightning theme and the Brizy plugin to create a page.

Brizy is a company that has been developing WordPress themes and plugins for over 10 years.
The community is active and plugins are frequently updated.

Is Brizy free to use?

There are free and paid plans available.

I like one-time licenses, so I'll buy a lifetime license.

Paid licenses can be purchased from $49.

As of May 2023, the one-time Lifetime plan has been discontinued. All plans are paid annually.
HanamiWEB owns the one-time license before the plan change. Please rest assured that for websites created by our company or those supported by our company, there is no need to purchase a license every year.

Differences between Brizy free and paid plans

Anyone can install the plugin by going to Plugins ⇒ Add New and entering [Brizy].

It was updated 4 days ago, so it's a plugin that is updated frequently!

Let's create a new static page with the Brizy plugin

Click Edit With Brizy to launch the Brizy builder.

If you purchase a paid license, you can change the "Edit with Brizy" part to your company's name!

The following builder was up and running in just 3 seconds!

As you can see, the parts marked PRO are only available to Pro license holders.

I think people will be divided into those who think the free version is enough and those who want to use the PRO template parts as well.

We will explain how to purchase the Brizy PRO version!

I'm sure there are some of you who have never purchased a plug-in made overseas.

We will introduce the purchasing process, so please refer to it!

Select the plan you want to purchase from the Brizy pricing page.


Major price plan revisions at the end of April 2023

When I purchased it, there were three simple pricing plans as follows:

Then, at the end of September 2021, it was split into six pricing plans for using plugins and plans for using the cloud (server).


In addition, one-time purchase licenses have been abolished, and as of May 2023, only annual payments are available.

  • Personal - Limited to 1 site
  • Freelancer - License up to 100 sites
  • Agency - Licenses can be issued for up to 500 sites

You can purchase a plan based on the number of sites you want to use.

One license per site. Please note that if you share one license with multiple sites, you will not be able to update the Pro version and Brizy will not work.

Click the Buy now button

It seems that consumption tax will be included. Please enter your email address to proceed.

Choose your country

Page Builder Plugin Brizy Payments

  • Credit settlement
  • PayPal payment

You can choose from.

This is just my personal opinion, but I try not to use credit cards for overseas payments, I always pay with PayPal.

Page builder plugin Brizy purchase complete

The Brizy purchase was successfully completed.

Next, set the password.

Brizy My Page Password Setting

Where to download Brizy?

It can be found on the dashboard of your Brizy account. Download it here

Uploading the Brizy Plugin

Plugins ⇒ Add New ⇒ Upload Plugin

Upload the zip file you downloaded.

Please note that you must have Brizy's free plugin installed. The downloaded PRO file alone will not work.

In this way, you will install and activate two plugins, Brizy and Brizy Pro.

Register your WordPress site with Brizy

To activate the Pro license, you need to register your WordPress site on your Brizy My Page.

Issue a license on Brizy My Page

Select WordPress Licenses and click [CENERTE A NEW LICENSE].

The key has been issued.

Sign up to your WordPress dashboard

An item called Brizy has been added to the dashboard. Open the settings in it.

Enter the issued license key and click [Activate].

The domain you want to use has been added to the WordPress Licenses page on your Brizy My Page.

License numbers are strictly controlled

This completes the steps for purchasing the page builder plugin Brizy and activating the license!

License management is strict, so please consider your purchase plan carefully!

2021.5 42 layout packs added!

42 new layout packs have been added, giving you even more layout options!

The details are 13 different content layouts and 29 different landing pages. I'm very happy that these landing pages allow me to create websites at a tremendous speed.

Brizy is a page builder plugin recommended for web designers!

The display speed is very fast and I highly recommend it! It is a highly recommended page builder plugin that allows you to create web pages at high speed without design or coding.

If you want to earn money as a side job or from home, you should definitely try mastering Brizy!
Honestly, even if you have no experience in web production, if you master Brizy you can build high-quality websites, so you can expect to earn more!

Another good thing is that you can do everything from design to construction by yourself without having to outsource.

If you have any problems with building and managing your WordPress site, please feel free to contact us at any time.


I actually used Brizy to build five WordPress sites.
I've used Elementor and Divi in the past, but Brizy is really amazing! I thought so, so I'd like to introduce you to some of its great points. Please read this article as well!

Since Brizy is a plugin, you will need a separate WordPress theme. We have compiled the results of our research into themes that work well with Brizy!

We have published an explanatory article on how to create a price list.

Leave the reskilling of your website to us!

Since 2019, we have been sharing skills related to WordPress and websites. We have accumulated case studies and know-how, and are good at quickly and accurately solving problems. If you have any concerns about your website, please feel free to contact us via our official LINE account!

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