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Our strength

We are an expert in web development for over 15th years in Japan. We will create a website for Japanese people with a design that Japanese people like and correct Japanese.

we can help you grow and become global.

Benetits of a multilanguage website

  • SEO is maximized by the use of relevant and localised keywords in the URL structure and title tags, etc.
  • A high-quality UI/UX design improves the customer experience and levels of satisfaction
  • Rankings are boosted across the world by using localized key search terms

Why shoule you choose WordPress?

This is a self-contained system, providing ease of access and the ability to update your site at any time and without the services of a web designer.

What makes us different.

We are expeart with WordPress. And,

We design and build websites that do not require professional designers and coders.

Web Design


Our strength is to speedily create websites using no-code technology.


We are writting blog about Woredpress in Japanese.


For any enquiries or quotations pertaining to our Multilingual Website Development Services, Please feel free to contact us.